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Waiting for life to start resized  In my Coaching business and in my personal life I speak to person after person who is literally sitting on the couch waiting for their life to start. Excuses range from not enough time to not enough cash. Not enough support to not enough ... something and it saddens me because lets face facts ... as the hipsters put it ... YOLO ... YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE.


Why are you waiting on the couch for your life ... love ... career ... or whatever to start? It's a question I ask over and over and although I get mixed responses when I utter it, it's a question I would really liked answered.


The smarty pants among you will jest that you don't even own a couch, but without a doubt you all get what I am laying down on the table.  Why do so many of us think that we have unlimited time? Why do we think that everything will happen tomorrow and why do we spend so much time waiting and hoping? Time is limited and waiting and hoping wont get the job done, pure and simple! 


I have pondered this for ages and ages and while a variety of excuses pop up I think I have the answer sussed. It's LACK OF MOTIVATION! Motivation is what drives us forward and what pushes us to achieve newly set goals. It's what gets many of us up in the morning and what keeps us going when fatigue or obstacles threaten to slow us down.  Without motivation many will spend their lives dreaming of a better tomorrow, a tomorrow that sadly, if changes are not made, will never come. 


Being a Singles Coach / Motivational Coach I speak to person after person waiting for IT to happen. The IT can be any number of desirable things. A successful relationship, a new career venture, a change of persona or even just a fun  and active social life. 


I added a Motivational section to my blog as I feel it's one of the main issues I come across and one of the issues that once dealt with can yield the most amazing results.


I'll still be sharing relationship/dating tips and tricks here but keep your eye out for some Motivational and Self Help articles as well.  :)


cheers to you becoming a motivated machine,




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