Life and Love

shrug If you are reading this blog, it is because you know you are ready to meet that special someone, to start a relationship or just to start dating and “ putting yourself out there”. Admitting to yourself you are at this stage is a major shift and achievement so congratulate yourself …. I really mean it !! To often in life we are downright hard on ourselves, that comes easily but we rarely tale the time to award our achievement big or small. By reading this blog you have taken a step forward, something many people choose never to do, so its a big BIG deal.

Have something nice for dinner tonight, paint your nails a nice colour or have a beverage, something that to you equals celebration. Should you do this every time you progress or do something new and different ? hell yes you deserve it !! The question I get asked the most is where to start ? What can I do to make a difference ? How can I get people to want to go out with me? All very valid questions but before they can be answered there are some questions that you must ask yourself. The most important one, and the one I always start with is, “what is your relationship with yourself like” ? There are many others, and they will be covered in following blogs but I believe this is one of the most vital when gaining insight into what has been the cause of the issue at hand. It is a question that often confuses, and that’s the idea. When we are confused logic is often removed from the situation and replaced with emotion and something I will cover in great detail later on, in future blogs, is that emotion causes motion. Motion can be a shift in belief or a change in strategy, trying something new or just reading something to provide new ideas. Some people are not even aware that they have a relationship with themselves. Trust me it one of the most important ones, nurture and care for it, support it and trust self ( don't worry I’ll show you how ) and you will move mountains, get the desired results you really want and before you know it be cooking dinner for two. Big hugs Alex


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