Life and Love

hearts 672x372 I spoke in my last post about loving yourself and how important it is ... but why exactly is it so important ? When we set out to find a partner we want them to like us, hell, let's be honest we want them to fall head over heels in love with us. We sometimes think having someone will make everything better, everything right and complete, but before we can be complete with someone else we need to be complete within ourselves, happy with ourselves, we need to be our own best friend.

Loving self is often the hardest part of this whole getting "hooked up" caper. It's hard and confronting and emotional but it provides us with a clean palette if you will. A fresh and honest place to start from and it allows us to pinpoint what in the past may have been holding us back and preventing us meeting and keeping Mr or Mrs right. We are our own hardest critics but when you take the time to assess the whole and bigger picture you will realize that hey I am actually pretty amazing, I'm definitely someone I would like to spend time with ! That last sentence has a lot of impact, " I'm someone who I would like to spend time with ". Would you enjoy your company the way you are right now ? Feeling the way you do, speaking the way you speak and thinking the way you think. If the answer is no keep an eye out for my next Blog and until then, be kind to yourself. Big hugs Alex


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