Life and Love

take notes dreamstimefree 66136 672x372 In my last post we talked about how important it was to love yourself. It's something that pops up in nearly all of my coaching sessions and clients find that when it is achieved, the pathway forward is less cluttered with poop and more easily trodden than they had ever imagined. When you are your own best friend you are never truly alone and that makes nearly everything easier to deal with.

Decisions can be made with confidence and chances taken where before they were not. This brings us to the all important how. This a technique I use with clients and I love it for its simplicity and for the massive results it brings. I recommend completing it at least three to four times as you will discover it becoming easier and easier each time you do. To start with be kind. Sounds simple but we are our hardest critics and we judge ourselves so casually and often that it becomes second nature. Gift yourself the time to sit somewhere quietly, with something nice to drink and a pen and some paper. Write a list of your good qualities, your abilities and the qualities others have made clear they admire in you. If you are having trouble keep in simple, start with two or three of each. They can be things like, I am kind to animals, I make friends easily or I listen to people. Remember what seems insignificant to you may be amazing to someone on the flip side. If you are still having trouble, I want you to ask your friends and family, I guarantee you will be surprised, pleasantly, at what they have to say. They are not your critics, nor your judge and jury thus they can see what you have possibly overlooked. When you have completed your list I want you to congratulate yourself, out loud, ( yes I want you to talk to yourself ) and I want you to congratulate yourself for each individual thing on your list. For example I would say " congratulations Alex you make people laugh " this is sometimes because I trip over etc but mostly because I am funny. Is it conceited to praise ourselves ? Many of my clients ask me this and the answer is no, not at all. We are simply recognising the positives in ourselves and that is always a good thing. We are replacing an old pattern, one of judging ourselves, with a new and empowering one. You now acknowledge your qualities and feel confident enough to share them with the world ... and in the future your new and special someone. Project all your amazing qualities, embrace and own them, and just watch the changes that occur. Hugs Alex P.S There was a reason I asked you to congratulate yourself out loud. When we hear ourselves speak it resonates in a different part of the brain compared to when we just think it !


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