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golf putt 672x372 When you feel like you are ready to get out there and meet someone, things can happen really quickly. Many of my clients complete their self-love project, feel amazing, rush out the door to the nearest club or pub then spend the night scratching their heads wondering why they are not getting inundated with offers of love and marriage.

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Loving yourself is a massive part of finding your mate but it is a part. A huge part but a part none the less. There are many steps that guarantee success and I will be sharing them with you in the upcoming months, follow my blog and keep an eye out in your email inbox, they really work ! I named this blog know what you like to do and boy did I mean it. How many times have you been dragged somewhere only to spend the night playing bubble bust on your iPhone. Ladies, sat through any sporting events that reduced you to tears, not ones of joy I might add. Gents, spent hours on the couch watching sex in the city not really caring that the Prada shoes have to be worn with the Prada handbag. I'm sure we all have and when we are in an established relationship of course we compromise by doing what makes the other person happy, but when you're heading out the door, searching for your special someone, head out with the intention of doing something your enjoy or at least have an interest in. Write a list of what you like to do and be honest, no matter what your inner voice is saying. While clubbing may sound a cool and easy way to meet someone, if your idea of a perfect night is curling up on the couch with a good book, it won't be for you. Likewise if you love live communication internet dating may leave you cold. By choosing to do what you like the chances of meeting someone who shares your interests is greatly increased. And remember anything you like doing can be translated into a way to meet someone amazing, especially with internet chat groups so popular now. One of my clients organised via an on-line Labrador site, a play date for their dog and lets just say it wasn't only those with four legs that had a great time. I'm a big fan with moving out of your comfort zone from time to time as well and a bigger fan of trying new things so if someone suggests something different give it a go, and try everything twice. It may become your new passion or at least something you can occasionally enjoy with friends both old and new. Remember that in everything successful there must be balance and you will learn to balance the old you with the new you to create some spectacular results. Have a wonderful week :) Alex


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