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dont be afraid to ask 672x372 When you are deciding on new places to try never be afraid to ask around and to find out what’s hot and what’s not. Fluffy kittens may sound like somewhere people go to chat about knitting and crochet to you, but may actually be a strip club or a place where they do the dance with no pants. Having some basic information on where you are headed helps with knowing what time to get there, what crowd to expect and what to wear.

Asking others also open new lines of communication and sometimes even an invite to tag along. Remember that if you walk into a place and the vibe is wrong you can always leave, or better still stay an hour, have a drink and see if the place grows on you. The ball is always in your court and you decide how the night pans out. If the whole going out scene is stressing you out set yourself mini goals. Lunch in a pub then a drink in a pub on a mid week night when its quieter. One of my clients chose a Friday night, got dressed up, lined up and got into a popular club, used the bathroom then left. He had conquered a major fear of the unknown. His next visit there, and he did go back, was then familiar and much easier to deal with. Its the little steps that when continuously taken get us to where we want to go. Take care and be kind to you Alex


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