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find the real you 672x372 Heading out for a night on the town or on an intimate date have you ever felt like you were acting a part ? Felt like a wolf in sheep's clothing or just plain uncomfortable in what you were wearing and how you were representing who you really are. If the answer is yes then you are part of a very large club of people.

People who dress and act in a way they believe to be socially acceptable. Who believe doing this helps them to fit in with the majority, the beautiful people, the crowd. To this I say BALLS !! Who wants to be part of the pack anyway, who wants to spend their life blending in ? Think about the cartoon where's Wally. He stands out and gets noticed. And while I do not believe wearing your striped pyjamas to a club will increase your chances of meeting someone I do believe we have to be our own people and dress and act accordingly. Wear what you're not comfortable in and it shows. Act as you normally wouldn't and it shows. Do you really want to meet someone special and have to fake it for weeks and weeks on end. Not only are you lying to them but to yourself. The acting will wear thin and the real you will shine through. Shine from the beginning and love the skin you're in. big hugs Alex


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