Life and Love

the wingman1 672x372 A Wingman is a non gender specific name for the person you get to accompany you when you hit the town in search of a partner, a pick up or a roll between the sheets. They are often your closest friend or someone you deeply trust and are there to provide support, positive reinforcement and to talk to the person you like's friend while you are hitting on said friend.

To wing man or not to wingman ? I am often asked this and my answer is, in a pub or club situation always yes, wingman it up, get out there and find your goose or goosette .... Ah Top Gun the greatest wingman story of all and if you remember he got the girl, they really do help and make a difference. A life coach ( that's me ) gets you motivated, helps you create change and gets you the results you want, so to does your wingman. They assure you that you look great, reinforce that yes, he/she has been staring at you all night and handle crowd control when you make your move. They are the positive voice that will override your negative one and the friend you can thank when the job is done and a date is established. Go find yours today and remember take and accept all the help you are offered always being ready to return the favour whenever you can. hugs Alex

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