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how to choose aftershaves or perfumes 672x372 It's all in the nose they say, I'm not sure who they are to be honest but the question is are they right ? How we smell to others makes up such a large part of the whole first impression deal that it has to be taken seriously. Gone are the days when only a few different scent's were available to purchase, there are literally hundreds of them out there and baby, its like a battlefield.

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Floral or spice, musk or wood, the options are endless but the outcome will be spectacular if you follow a few simple steps. Firstly shop somewhere with an extensive range like a department store or a boutique, you may buy it elsewhere for a cheaper price, I often do, but this will give you the best exposure to multiple choices and allow you to spray and sample to your heart content. Secondly arm yourself with a coffee bean, they should have them available for you to sniff in between scent's, they clear the nose and help you to distinguish between the different products. Thirdly decide what you want your perfume/aftershave to say about you. I have one for night-time and going out that says I'm hot, sensual and mysterious and another for day time and casual situations, this one lets people know I'm feminine, fun and love to have a good time. Always close your eyes when testing a new scent, by blocking sight we enhance smell, and take note of how you feel, think and react to each one. When you have narrowed it down to a few ask someone else for their opinion and remember scent's smell differently depending upon who is wearing them so spray yourself and give it a few minutes to sink in and develop. Shopping for someone else is much easier I think, again smell and record your reactions to pair appropriate smells to the person you are buying for. If a scent reminds you of a family member never buy it for a partner and vica versa. I always work on the rule of "would I". When choosing a gift for my partner I think, while I am smelling, would I kiss someone smelling like this followed by would I be encouraged to do the dance with no pants upon smelling this particular smell. It works every time and if the answer is yes then green light, good to go and full steam ahead. big hugs and good luck !! Alex


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