Life and Love

sick of being alone 672x372 Are you sick of being alone ? Sick of spending Friday and Saturday nights on the couch with the cat or dog ? Sick of openly mocking happy couples while being envious and sad on the inside ? Well the time has come to make some changes, BIG ONES ! Changes that will make life happier, brighter and in a nut shell bloody brilliant. Changes that will get you out the door and changes that will get you mixing and mingling like Paris Hilton .... clothes are optional.

Over the next few weeks my posts will contain "get you out the door" tips and some plain and simple advice. All will be revealed so hang onto your hats guys and gals and stay tuned. Right now I'm going to share with you where this all begins. It begins with a choice and with you choosing to do something a little challenging. It begins with you saying out loud to yourself that you want things to change. You want things to be different and you want _______ insert want here. It can be a friend or a partner, someone to go dancing with once a week or just a friend to chat on the phone or net with about a common interest. Saying things as you want them is a huge Life Coaching principle and one I feel very strongly about. By choosing to change something and then setting yourself a goal ( without goals we have nowhere to aim and no set direction to face ) the wheel is put into motion and the stage is set for change, growth and happiness. Decide today what you want to change, let's get started ! big hugs Alex


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