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make your outside match your inside 205x300 f improf 260x382Whilst shopping the other day I saw an advert explaining that for a modest fee and the use of their product I would "feel comfortable in my own skin" and it got me thinking, thinking about myself and about the hordes of people shopping and getting on with their daily stuff around me. Do I feel comfortable in my skin ? Do they ? I ordered a thick shake, chocolate, and sat down to ponder.

It's taken me many years and I'll be honest many fashion disasters pas to get to where I am today. Able to sit on a bench with a shake and a shopping bag and say yes, I really really do feel comfortable in my skin and in the clothes I wear and the fashion I choose. But it was a journey, a longggggggggg journey. Moses crossing the desert had nothing on me but I came out the other side stronger, happier and with more confidence than ever.

How did I do it you ask ?

Trail and error and a whole lot of self-reflection. I worked out how I really felt about the clothes I was wearing and why I was wearing what I was, when I was. I realized at times I was trying to convey a feeling or an intention and these often didn't match the real me at all. Power dressing for a job interview, for example is all and good but wearing clothes that make you uncomfortable will show whether you realize it or not. I remember buying a suit for an interview and hating it the minute I put it on. I purchased it because it ticked all the boxes. It looked great, said I mean business, I'm capable and classy all at the same time. On the inside I was cringing but hey I was doing what I thought I had to do. I got the job ( woohoo ) and later worked with the interviewer. He mentioned that I had interviewed well but had seemed a little stiff and stuffy, nothing like I really was ..... interesting, my inner feeling about my outfit were shining through. They always will.

Now imagine I had worn that outfit on a date ! Would the real me have shone through or would the person on the other side of the table been picking up on my discomfort and distaste for said outfit ? Not knowing my inner feelings they may have felt my unease was a reflection of themselves. With me not being comfortable or happy with them or the evening. The date may have failed with neither party knowing why. Dressing in what makes you comfortable and what shows the real you eliminates this. When your trying on clothes ask yourself, is this me ? Do I feel sexy, confident and comfortable ? Am I going to feel amazing walking into the situation this piece of clothing is aimed at ? If you can tick all these boxes your onto a winner. Your on your way to making sure your outsides match your insides.




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