Life and Love

shrugBeing single sucks. This seems to be a common theme that we hear over and over, but I find myself asking the question ... is this really true?

As a singles coach I spend a lot of time helping people find their significant other. Helping people who KNOW that they want a partner in crime find said partner, but what of those who are unsure?

What about those who talk to me because of peer pressure or because they feel they don't fit into the 'normal' flow of things. To these people I ask the question I am talking about today. Does being single really suck?

Social media seems to think so. Our friends seem to think so and so often do our families and colleagues. Who hasn't been asked the question .. "So when are you going to meet someone nice and settle down?" or "aren't you sick of being alone?"

I certainly have and my answer, no matter what was going on in my life always seemed to be the same.

"When I was good and bloody ready" and "no not really I like my own company."

It never matters what others want of you, it's your needs that must always come first. Your feelings that must always be considered and  your state of mind that must be taken into consideration. For some being single is what is best, it's what it allowing them to get done what they need to and it's what is allowing them the freedom to express themselves where before they may not have been able to.

If you are in a good place and happy with how things are travelling be secure enough in yourself to tell yourself that, be secure enough to tell others that. Share it with the world if need be but always know that what you feel to be right deep down simply is.

love yourself ... lots !!





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