Motivation MountainMotivation to me used to be like the pot of gold at the end of a metaphoric rainbow. I could see the rainbow really clearly. I knew the pot of gold was at the end of it and the pot of gold was what I wanted but boy o boy was the pot a long way away! I would have to get off the couch, make an effort or even, here's a scary thought, try something different and out of my comfort zone to get it.

For a long time the pot stayed where it was.

A few times I got close to it, close enough to smell it … (does gold actually smell?) but then self doubt and simple not knowing how to keep going would slow me down.

I'm going to post about how I got motivated and about what has worked for me, for my friends and for my clients. I'm going to post about setting goals and I'm going to post about how to achieve them. I'm also going to post about what to do it you try something and it doesn’t work. Happened to me on many occasions and FYI, I got there in the end and so will you. :)

cheers to you grabbing your pot of gold! -Alex


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