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Self HelpI am a massive fan of self help I truly am but what I am not a fan of are some of the instant fixes that seems to be on offer everywhere at the moment, the band aid solution if you will. A popular singer at the moment is telling us that band aids don't fix bullet holes and she’s singing my tune, they really don't!

Many of my blog posts will be sharing with you, what I share with my clients and friends on a regular basis. Strategies, tips and information that I have picked up over the years, tested (on myself to begin with) and found to be successful. Did everything I try work? Goodness no but I tried something else then something else again until it did.

For those of you reading this who have gone down the self help path before and stumbled I cheers you with my politically incorrect alcoholic beverage. You tried something and you gave it a go, many people never do and I'm betting it just wasn’t the medium for you. I coached a friend one who had read every self help book out there and just couldn’t get herself to where she wanted to be. I took her along to a workshop that I attended on goal setting and lo and behold it really made a difference. It was a different way of doing what she had been doing but it got her the results that she had been wanting. WIN!

Keep an eye out for my posts and always remember 2 things.

Firstly everyone is doing the very best they can with the tools they have right now. They might need new tools or they might not be holding the ones they have correctly, but they are doing what they can. You are doing the best that you can, right now.

Secondly remember that self help often starts with help from someone else. Someone to show you the path, someone to lend a hand or maybe even someone just to hold the tissue box for you while you get everything out in the open. I have both held the tissues and been the tissue grabber and let me tell you. I would not have gotten to where I am today with out self help, without others first helping me and without others giving me the occassional kick in the rear end. This makes me smile.

Cheers (again)



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