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Attract the Opposite Sex in 5 Easy Steps - Alex Coaches LifeAttract the opposite sex in 5 easy steps was written because as a Singles Coach the question I get asked most often is how to break the proverbial ice. How to get noticed in a crowd and how to become more attractive to the opposite/same sex in a very short period of time.

The book is aimed at singles ready to attract a special someone to date, kiss, cuddle and someone with whom to eventually do the dance with no pants. It's aimed at those needing a confidence boost or those wanting a lasting relationship.

It's packed with tips and tricks to not only attract your special someone, but to get that ever important date or phone number. It's singles coaching at a glance and a look at how I operate and what you can expect if you choose to be Coached by me.


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to my monthly newsletter that includes articles, tips, special offers and the occasional Bunny, Pumpkin or Santa related giveaway.

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