Weight Loss Coaching

Weight Loss Coaching

All packages include a free 30 minute orientation session where we can discuss exactly what outcome you want and where we can get to know each other a little more.



This package contains 3 x 1 hour sessions (duration 3 - 6 weeks) 

We look at the reasons why you put weight on in the first place as this must always be tacked first.

Once this is dealt with you are free to go the weight loss journey alone or to continue Coaching with me.

Free email support is included throughout the package duration.


This package contains 6 x 1 hour sessions (duration 6 - 8 weeks) 

This package is for those wanting further help on their weight loss journey after the completion of STAGE ONE.

We look at patterns and strategies that will lead to clean and healthy eating and motivational tools to keep the weight loss momentum going.

Free email support is included throughout the package duration.


This package contains 12 x 1 hour sessions (duration 12 - 24 - 36 weeks) 

This is for those wanting support during the weight loss journey

It is also for those who not only want to loose weight but to keep it off for life and to totally overhaul the way they live and the way they think about food and wellbeing.

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It provides ongoing Coaching, Mentoring and support over a substantial period of time and is available over a 9 month period, if required, rather than the usual 6 months offered for this package size.

Free email support is included throughout the package duration.


A single 1 hour session is available.

In 1 hour we can have a look at 1 particular issue or situation and I offer 2 weeks free email support following.


Throughout all of my coaching packages I offer email support. Email support basically means you can email me if you need to, at any time, to ask a question or to share a bit of news in between sessions. I respond to all emails within one to two business days, Monday to Friday Aussie time.


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