"I had issues with my confidence and letting what people say to/about me really effect me, also had a lot of issues with my weight, and also problems within my marriage, thank God for Alex she helped me with ways to boost my confidence, find that spark in my marriage, and also gave me very helpful tips on maintaining/loosing weight, it's an ongoing process but couldn't be any happier!

Thank you so much!"

"After my wife left me I spent years feeling sorry for myself and years blaming everyone else but me for what had happened. Alex helped me to change the way I think and feel about myself and helped me to get back out there. I work massive hours so wanted to give internet dating a go but had no idea where to start. Alex walked me through the process step by step and was there to support me and guide me when needed. I've met a lovely lady and things are going great."

"I was in a very abusive relationship for over three years. When the relationship ended I realised how much I was effected by everything that had happened over that period of time. I had doubts with every decision that I made, I lost all confidence in my life and most of all I had a lot of fears. I remember locking myself in the house for three months, unable to sleep and very paranoid.

One day I decided that I didn’t want to continue living like this and I made the decision to get help. I decided to call Alex.
As I told Alex my story I didn’t think that she would be able to understand where I was coming from as I myself felt like I wasn’t making sense, but to my surprise Alex did understand and she knew that I was determined to make a change in my life.
Alex asked me questions, which at the time I did not understand what they had to do with how I was feeling. She set out some strategies for me to work on daily and game me things to think about. To be totally honest I wasn’t confident that what Alex was telling me was going to work but I had nothing else to loose at this point in my life. I said to myself, I will give this a go as I have asked for help and if I don’t try how will I know.
The daily struggle was hard but Alex's support and coaching throughout my journey was amazing. I am currently exceeding in my new job and happily married to a wonderful man."

"Before I met Alex I had issues with productivity and staying focused on my goals. She shed new light on these issues and helped me see things from a completely different perspective. She understands what her client needs and delivers in the most engaging way. I learned how to stay more focused and make efficient use of my time.

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"For years I had been jumping from one bad relationship to the next, I thought that being treated badly was ok and that it was just the way most relationships were. Alex helped me to find my self worth and to show me that I do deserve to be treated well and that I should want only the best for myself. With a new mindset and new techniques to take into a relationship I am looking forward to the future and to meeting someone special.
Thank you Alex."

"The sessions I had with Alex were invaluable. Time management and procrastination were issues I particularly wanted to deal with, and I'm happy to say that I now feel much more confident setting myself goals and prioritising my tasks more effectively rather than becoming stressed and panicky. Alex was recommended to me by a friend and to them both a heart-felt thankyou"

" Alex got me " off the couch and out the door " as she puts it. She helped me to build up the confidence to give life a go and I can't thank her enough."



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